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FT-102E economic powder flowability tester



the product is developed by ROOKO company, powder production, manufacturing, processing, the need for powder material storage, transportation and other operations. Powder arch is a common problem in production.

粉体的流动性测量在粉体工程设计中应用,粉体的流动性对其生产、输送、储存、装填以及工业中的粉末冶金、物料的混合、在水泥厂中粉体的重力流动、Directly affect the flow characteristics of the powder, and even affect the quality of the product. The flow measurement of powder is widely used in powder engineering design. It is of great significance to the flowability of powder production, transportation, storage, loading and powder metallurgy in industry.


The model adopts a fixed charging barrel to configure the funnel with different outlet holes to solve the problems that the fluidity of the powder is poor and the flow phenomenon can not be carried out because of the physical property of the powder.


It often affects the fluidity of powders, such as particle shape, size, surface state, density, void fraction and so on.

二、功能描述:Function description


Through testing slope of repose (angle of repose),  fixed  mass flow ,fixed volume flow rate, apparent density, loose specific weight, volume density, bulkdensity and loose density datas to assess powder flow ability;Using multiple specifications to replace the funnel of an outlet aperture;According to the flow capacity of the test powder to configure the number of outlet funnel aperture; Outlet control plate, stopwatch timing function; with  standard stainless steel measuring cylinder, the fixed disk method Angle test. This product is a comprehensive measuring platform for the fluidity test.

三、适用范围scope of application


quality inspection, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities laboratory for material analysis and measurement.
四、参照标准规范Standard specification


European and American standards, and is widely used  in chemical , oil, medicine, pharmaceuticals, paints, batteries, ceramics, non-metallic powder material, metal oxide powder, molecular materials, powder metallurgy, plastics, construction materials, soil, dyes, abrasives, food additives, catalysts and other related powder particle industry.

五、参数资料 Parameters

 Funnel: the cylindrical loading cylinder is provided with a plurality of replaceable funnel, the funnel is made of SS,

2. 可更换漏斗口径mm:2.5;4.0;5.0;6.0;7.0;8.0;9.0;10;14;15;16;17;18;25(根据用户需求选购规格,标配3个)

Replaceable funnel diameter mm: 2.5; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0; 7.0; 8.0;9.0; 10; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 25 (according to user needs optional, standard 3pcs)

3.时间范围Time range:0-9999S.


Composition: funnel, support bracket, stopwatch, ruler, brush, feed barrel, a level working platform, stainless steel cylinder, acrylic disc, angle measuring device.

5.漏斗容积funnel volume: 200ml.

6.不锈钢量筒容积有The SS cylinder volume has 25ml、100ml、200ml、250ml、500ml(根据用户需求选购according to user needs optional)


The flow rate test: the relationship between mass and time, mass and time obtained by fixed volume method and fixed mass method.

8.休止角(安息角):采用定圆盘直径法测量.圆盘直径100mm.The angle of repose (repose angle): Measurement using fix  , disk diameter, disc diameter 100mm.

9.密度测量:两种方法:质量和体积法;已知质量粉体自然填充获得体积;已知体积容器自然填充之粉体质量.Density measurement: two ways: fixed mass and fixed volume method, a certain amount of powder naturally filled to obtain volume, a certain volume container naturally filled to obtain powder mass.

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